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2020 Voting and Budget Information

The 2020 Operating Budget for Bordentown Twp. Fire District #1 is as follows:

Amount to be raised by taxation: $1,057,428.00
Proposed tax rate per $100 of assessed valuation: $0.287
The tax rate increased by $0.010
The amount to be raised by taxation in 2019 was $1,013,411.00
This is an increase of $44,017.00

Within the increase are normal operating expenses for the fire district. Salaries, pension, insurance, maintenance, etc.

There are two Fire Commissioner ositions being voted on.
Incumbents Anthony A. Gadecki and Frank J. Horner are both running unopposed; each seeking re-election for a 3-year term.

Fire district voting will be held on Saturday February 15, 2020 between the hours of 2:00pm - 9:00pm.

Mission Fire Company
51 Groveville Rd

Reminder to All Residents
Please post your street address on the front of your residence, so that is viewable from the street. In the event of an emergency Police, Fire, or EMS will be able to locate your residence quickly. Please keep grass, weeds, leaves, and snow clear from around Fire Hydrants, so responding apparatus can see them.

Members Wanted
Mission Fire Company is looking for volunteers. Click the Join Button, and fill out the form to submit a request for an application. Someone will contact you to pick it up. Or you can stop by the firehouse located at 51 Groveville Rd, Yardville, NJ 08620(Across from Northern Community Park). Someone is there from 7:30am-5:30pm M-F, and 7:00am-4:00pm on Saturday.