Activity & Visit Scheduling
If you would like to schedule a visit to the Firehouse, a Fire Prevention Activity, or have any other questions, fill out our online form and Chief Scholey will get back to you.

News, Announcements and Important Updates

Please be advised that the City of Bordentown Water Utility will be conducting a flushing of the hydrants throughout the water system beginning March 18th through April 3rd. During the flushing of your area, you will experience low pressure and discoloration, this is only temporary and once the hydrant is closed, your water should return to normal. Please try to avoid doing laundry during this time as the discoloration of the water may negatively affect the items being laundered. Allow your water to run from the tap for a few minutes after the flushing until the discoloration clears up. If you continue to experience unusual water problems after the flushing, please call the City Water Department at 609-298-2121 ext. 116 to report the problem.

View the Hydrant Flushing Schedule

Thank you for your patience,
City of Bordentown Water Utility

2019 Operating Budget Voting Results

Official election results for Bordentown Township Fire District #1. Thank you to everyone for the continued support, and taking the time to vote!

Yes: 86  ✔
No:  26     

Fire Commissioners (2 positions)
John D. Kinsley Jr: 94 Votes  ✔
Timothy J. Kinsley: 89 Votes  ✔
Jill Popko: 1 Vote (Write-In)
Jim McGuire: 1 Vote (Write-In)

Reminder to All Residents
Please post your street address on the front of your residence, so that is viewable from the street. In the event of an emergency Police, Fire, or EMS will be able to locate your residence quickly. Please keep grass, weeds, leaves, and snow clear from around Fire Hydrants, so responding apparatus can see them.

Members Wanted
Mission Fire Company is looking for volunteers. Click the Join Button, and fill out the form to submit a request for an application. Someone will contact you to pick it up. Or you can stop by the firehouse located at 51 Groveville Rd, Yardville, NJ 08620(Across from Northern Community Park). Someone is there from 7:30am-5:30pm M-F, and 7:00am-4:00pm on Saturday.